Yamaha Ténéré – EICMA

Yamaha Ténéré – EICMA : Yamaha have confirmed pricing for the Tnr 700 and set a introduction date for the online ordering system. The first bikes will be delivered to customers in July 2019 at a special introductory price of 8399 (the usual price will be 8699). The online isolated price will be user-friendly amongst March 27 and July 31, once the ordering system closes.

Yamaha Ténéré  a EICMA  [ENGLISH SUB]

The Tnr 700 could be the most important other adventure bike of 2019. Of course, it isnt as advanced, powerful, sexy or well along as the latest crop of superbikes-on-stilts, but it will be completely clever and far and wide more accessible bringing genuine lightweight adventure capability to the masses in terms of rideability and affordability.

Yamaha Ténéré – EICMA Photos

Yamaha Ténéré  - EICMA

 YAMAHA TÉNÉRÉ  Review Release Date Specs Prices

New Yamaha Ténéré . The Next Horizon is Yours.

Yamaha Ténéré  é finalmente revelada no Salão de Motos de Milão

Nicolò Codognola presenta la nuova Yamaha Ténéré dal Salone di Milano
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