Tracer GT

Tracer GT : At the further GT’s heart is Yamaha’s exceptional 689cc, water-cooled, crossplane twin. This mid-sized mill puts all along on 74 horsepower and 50 feet of torque, which is lovely respectable in a bike that weighs bashful of 450 pounds. considering the Tracer’s generous 4.5 gallon tank and the engine’s natural efficiency, the other GT will get concerning 66 miles to the gallon. beautiful impressive.

 Yamaha Tracer

The GT features the base Tracer’s framewhich uses the engine as a troubled memberand aluminum swingarm. The base bike’s recess has been specially tuned to manage to pay for better handling for great thing sport touring. The GT has some respectable brakes considering dual-channel ABS, but sadly (or fortunately, depending on your view of the situation) no traction control or user-selectable ride modes.

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Tracer  GT


Yamaha Tracer  GT | Salón Intermot de Colonia

New  Yamaha Tracer GT |新ヤマハトレーサーGT |Mint Motorcycles

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