Ténéré Prototip #WorldRaid

Ténéré Prototip #WorldRaid : Yamaha have avowed pricing for the Tnr 700 and set a creation date for the online ordering system. The first bikes will be delivered to customers in July 2019 at a special introductory price of 8399 (the normal price will be 8699). The online on your own price will be welcoming in the middle of March 27 and July 31, past the ordering system closes.


The Tnr 700 could be the most important new adventure bike of 2019. Of course, it isnt as advanced, powerful, sexy or vanguard as the latest crop of superbikes-on-stilts, but it will be agreed intelligent and in the distance more accessible bringing real lightweight adventure execution to the masses in terms of rideability and affordability.

Ténéré Prototip #WorldRaid Images

Ténéré  Prototip #WorldRaid

Yamaha Tenere

Yamaha Ténéré  #WorldRaid

Yamaha Ténéré  avec David Frétigné

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