SRTTトミンハイパー – KTM DUKE 黒さん

SRTTトミンハイパー – KTM DUKE 黒さん : News of the production Yamaha Tenere 700 and KTM 790 Adventure have grabbed most of the attention at this years EICMA show, but the creation of a extra generation KTM 690 Enduro R might just get adventure riders heads turning. The 690 Enduro R gets major revisions for 2019 that help adjoin its dirt/street versatility as KTM targets riders looking for a longer-range Enduro machine.

ktm  enduro R et  tpi petite sortie hiver

Back in the upfront 2000s, there used to be two LC4 models the KTM 640 Enduro and the 640 Adventure. later the 690 Enduro R arrived in 2009, it was assumed a 690 Adventure would follow soon after that would tally up a luggage rack, larger fuel power and windscreen tacked onto the Enduros chassis. After years of waiting the 690 Adventure never came, and eventually fans of the archaic 640 Adventure gave in the works hope. But the engaging business is, KTM has slowly been distressing their 690 Enduro more towards the Adventure spectrum.

SRTTトミンハイパー – KTM DUKE 黒さん Images

SRTTトミンハイパー - KTM  DUKE 黒さん

KTM  Enduro R Wings Exhaust fly by

KTM  Enduro (wheelie training)