Moto Guzzi V TT – official video

Moto Guzzi V TT – official video : I use the term adventure to describe the wet desire that is the V85, but if were going to be technical, Guzzis other Tutto Terreno in reality is what it refers to as a classic enduro. Dont worry if that doesn’t dome a bell; the company created the category specifically for its extra model. According to Moto Guzzi, a classic enduro fits right in-between Crossovers and easy Enduros upon the humiliate stop of the spectrum and Scramblers and Adventure bikes at the agreed top. What this means is that Mandello del Lario’s latest family enthusiast aims to provide more bill between on-road comfort and off-road capability. Did it succeed? Lets chat roughly that!

Moto Guzzi V TT - official video

Sardinia is an island of contrasts. Located at the unquestionably middle of the Mediterranean sea, it’s the largest island in the basin and a paradise of beaches and mountains for Italian vacationers. From the yellow mountains covered in green lush that break by the side of and dive into the blue and turquoise of the sea, the southern area of Cagliari is a high dose of colors and sights straight to the face. Moto Guzzi didn’t choose Sardinia (only) for its pretty face, however. No, charming views aren’t the island’s isolated wealth: afterward veins, a rich network of mountain roads make sinuous paths connecting the north and the south of the island. add to that miles and miles of off-roaders’ sandbox and you have a riding paradise. That’s what we were in Sardinia for: put the V85 through its paces on and off the road.

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Moto Guzzi V TT - official video

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Technology, style, identity, emotion, the new V TT is the all-terrain according to Moto Guzzi, for every road and every journey
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