[IN新聞] 刀魂再臨!SUZUKI KATANA – 米蘭車展特別報導

[IN新聞] 刀魂再臨!SUZUKI KATANA – 米蘭車展特別報導 : Suzuki have revealed their big, new, retro bruiser, the GSX-S1000-based Katana, will cost 11,399 like it arrives in dealers in late April. We’ve already ridden it on the launch, and now we’re looking forward to one joining the MCN Fleet in a few months.

Born in 1981, the original Suzuki Katana became an instant legend (lets accomplishment the watered-down 600cc blobs of the 90s didnt happen) for its iconic styling and for its outstanding performance. In a way, no in imitation of Suzuki superbike model ever conquered the hearts of the enthusiasts as much as the Katana did, to the point that it yet enjoys a special area in our memories. Now Suzuki brings the post support and does it later a model that promises to reply with ease to the expectations of todays discerning motorcycling market.

[IN新聞] 刀魂再臨!SUZUKI KATANA – 米蘭車展特別報導 Photos

[IN新聞] 刀魂再臨!SUZUKI KATANA - 米蘭車展特別報導

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SUZUKI經典名機KATANA 擁有源自武士刀的經典設計曾在街頭創造無數都市傳說雖然一度走入歷史成為回憶但在年底的科隆車展SUZUKI將他再次帶回我…